Unique Ideas for Using a Spare Bedroom

There are tons of different uses for a spare bedroom, so think about what your home is missing to decide what makes the most sense for yours. You might turn your spare bedroom into a home office, an art studio, or a space to entertain overnight guests. Read ahead for a closer look at some ideas for using a spare bedroom.

Home Office
A spare bedroom doesn’t have to be a bedroom at all. If you have an extra bedroom-sized space in your home, you can use it for whatever you want, and a home office might be the perfect way to put this room to use. Even if you don’t primarily work from home, you can get extra work done if you have a space where you can create new ideas for articles, file paperwork after work hours, or otherwise hone your craft.

Art Studio
If you’re an artist, turning your extra bedroom into an art studio is essentially the same as having a home office. Whether you’re a sculptor, a painter, or an illustrator, you can use your spare bedroom as your artistic haven. This will give you a place to get away and isolate yourself, so you can let your creative spirit take over. Just remember to take special consideration for flooring and wall coverings, since they may be more susceptible to damage from paint or other art supplies.

Guest Room
A spare bedroom can easily be turned into a guest bedroom, which tends to be the obvious choice. If you don’t have visitors too frequently, consider a bed that folds up into the wall or pulls out from a futon, that way you can repurpose it however you want to. If you’re a born entertainer, then set your guests up with a nice comfy bed in the guest room.

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