Top 5 Perks of Moving to Arizona

Arizona is one of the most rapidly growing states in the country, and for anyone who has spent time there, it’s not hard to understand the attraction. From dramatic landscapes to thriving cities, the so-called Valley of the Sun has something for everyone. Add in new housing communities that combine the benefits of living in stunning natural scenery with proximity to world-class amenities in nearby cities, and you have an undeniably appealing spot. If you’re considering a move to Arizona, these top perks of living in the state may help you make up your mind once and for all. 

The landscape is much more diverse than most people realize. 

Ask people what Arizona looks like, and there is a good chance they will describe a barren desert. Although the desert is certainly an important part of Arizona—and the desert landscapes offer dramatic views and a surprising amount of wildlife—there is much more to the state than desert. There are tall mountains, fields of wildflowers, and alpine lakes, just to name a few of the different landscapes. Even the desert is more lively than you might think, as there are many native trees, cacti, and other plants offering color, shade, and biodiversity to the area. 

The cost of living is more affordable than other places of the country.

Arizona offers a lower cost of living than most other regions of the country. This is true from the big cities of the states to the small, rural outposts. In many states, you must make a decision between spending more on housing and other living costs to live in a city and saving money by living far away from the best amenities of your area. In Arizona, you can have the best of all worlds. The cities cost less than most other major cities, and land is affordable in rural areas. Housing prices across the state are well below most other areas. Costs of other living expenses, like food, are also less, so you can upgrade your lifestyle while saving cash. 

You’ll be in good company with other newcomers. 

Inevitably, when you move to a new place, you’ll face a period of adjustment. This adjustment period can be a little more challenging when you move to a place that doesn’t see many newcomers moving into the area. You won’t face that problem in Arizona. Year after year, it ranks near the top of the list for states seeing population increases through migration from other states. 

It is estimated that, in some parts of the state, as much as 70 percent of the population is originally from outside of the state. You’ll have plenty of people around you who know first-hand what it’s like to make that adjustment to a new a home in Arizona. 

The weather isn’t just a dry heat. 

If you think of Arizona weather, there is a good chance you’ll picture scorching heat. Sure, this kind of weather definitely happens in large parts of the state during the summer—the famous dry heat you’ve probably heard about—but this is not what the weather is like year-round. The weather gets cold, frost happens even in the southern part of the state, and it also snows, especially in the mountains. In the winter you can play golf with the nearby snowcapped Huachuca Mountains as a backdrop. You will get the benefits of all those days of sunshine that the state is known for, but if you’re worried about living in heat all year long, banish those concerns. Particularly in the higher 4,600′ elevation of Sierra Vista, summer temperatures are significantly milder and less intense than those in neighboring Tucson and Phoenix. 

The economy is booming.

Arizona is a great place for retirees, but it’s also a great place for people in all stages of their careers. The economy has been growing exponentially across the state, and it continues to be powered by the graduates of the top state’s top universities as well as the influx of young professionals from out of state. Whether you’re looking for a great place to start a new business or a place to grow your career, you’ll find plenty of opportunities in Arizona to do just that. 

This list hasn’t even touched the amazing Arizona food scene, the arts, and so much more, but from your new Castle and Cooke home, you’ll have plenty of time to explore everything that the state has to offer. Our new-build, custom-home communities offer proximity to all of the great things that Arizona has to offer. For more information about our new homes in Sierra Vista, call (520) 378-5110.

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