Tips for Organizing Your New Pantry

When you move into a new home, one of the most exciting parts is setting up your new space. You get to start from scratch and organize things exactly how you want them, making changes to things about your old home that had once become inconvenient. A case in point is your pantry. If your pantry at your former home was overflowing and chaotic, you get the chance for a do-over in your new place. Set up your pantry so that it stays organized and functional with this advice. 

Get Rid of the Things You’re Not Going to Use

You probably cleaned out your pantry before you moved, but now that you’re in your new home, there’s a good chance you brought along things that you’re not really going to use. Don’t waste space on that errant bottle of dried spices you hope you’ll get around to using some day or that soup you bought on a whim and can’t bring yourself to eat. Ensure that you start off your new pantry with useful items, so you’re not wasting valuable space. If unused items are still unopened and within their expiration date, consider donating them to the local food bank. 

Plan Before You Start Storing

Any kind of organization starts with a plan. Consider the ways in which you use the items in your pantry, and plan so that the things that you use most often are easy to reach while the things that are used sporadically are placed towards the back. Group like items together, like canned goods, so that things are easy to find. You can increase your space and organization with storage items, like containers and baskets. 

Make Use of Wasted Space

Instead of trying to pack shelves, make use of spaces that are usually overlooked. For example, an over-the-door shelving unit can dramatically increase storage, as can baskets on the floor used to store large items. Rethinking and expanding your space will help you avoid the disorganization that can come from overpacked shelves. 

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