Tips for Maintaining a Cleaner House

A clean, well-ordered home will always seem more inviting and beautiful than a messy, cluttered one. And fortunately, it isn’t necessary to spend hours upon hours cleaning your house every weekend. Maintaining a cleaner house is really more about the habits you develop than the amount of time and elbow grease you put into it. By developing the following habits, you’ll find that it’s easier to keep your house spotless.

Start the day off right.

Keeping your home tidy may require revamping your morning routine a little. Always make your bed first thing in the morning. It will set a good tone for the rest of the day, and help your bedroom look tidy. In addition, get into the habit of emptying the dishwasher, reloading it with the dirty breakfast dishes, and wiping down the kitchen counters every morning. You’ll enjoy coming home from work to a kitchen that’s already tidy.

Put things back in their place immediately after use.

It may be convenient to toss your handbag on the table when you come home, or to leave your jacket hanging over the stairway railing. However, these little piles of clutter have a way of attracting even more clutter. Curb the clutter by putting everything in its place immediately after using it. Of course, this necessitates having a designated place for all of you possessions. You may need to spend some extra time organizing your home. Once you have an organizational system in place, it won’t take much time to maintain it each day.

Clean as you go.

For a cleaner, tidy home, it’s necessary to clean as you go. Wipe up crumbs as needed, straighten throw pillows as you pass through the living room, and fold the laundry as soon as it’s done in the dryer. If you have kids, encourage them to learn how to clean up after themselves by putting away their toys and wiping up spills as needed.

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