Tips for Buying Furniture for a New Home

You’ve finalized your home purchase and you’re ready to move in, which means that you are finally at the fun part: decorating your new house. Your new home is a blank slate, so the design possibilities are nearly endless. You may incorporate some older furniture pieces you already own, or you might be excited to start completely from scratch and purchase all new furniture for the house. Either way, you will want to follow these helpful guidelines:

Measure Each Room

It’s hard to gauge the size of an empty room with the eye alone—that’s why homes for sale are usually staged with furniture to fill them out and make them appear truer to size. So, you won’t want to rely on eyeballing measurements before you shop for furniture. Measure the dimensions of each room and draw them out on graph paper, so you can see exactly how a certain couch, bedframe, or dresser might fit in. Use a pencil to fill in how much space each furniture piece will take up, so you can decide on the right layout before you make any big purchases. That way, there are no surprises when your new couch gets dropped off at your door and you know exactly where in the room the couch should be placed.

Don’t Assume You Need to Buy Everything at Once

While you may want to get some staple pieces right away, you don’t have to get every piece of furniture all at once. You might hold out for the perfect coffee table or just purchase a sofa and keep looking for chairs and a love seat. Not only will you achieve a more eclectic final look, but you also won’t feel like you are forcing items into a room where they don’t fit. Instead of buying the whole bedroom set, just get the bedframe and headboard. Then you can decide on dressers and a vanity once you know how the bed fits into the room.

Decorating your new home from Castle & Cooke will be a pleasure, because you will have lots of usable square footage to work with as well as exceptional finishing details in your move-in ready home. To see our homes for sale in Sierra Vista, visit our website, or call us at (520) 378-5110 to schedule a showing of one of our properties.  

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