Tips for Breaking in Your New Kitchen

When you move into a new home, you may be most excited about having a new kitchen where you can show off your culinary talents, gather as a family, and entertain your friends and loved ones. A new kitchen can take some getting used to, however, so we’ve provided a few helpful tips for breaking in the new space to avoid any kitchen calamities as you adjust to the layout, new appliances, and fixtures.

Unpack the Kitchen First
The kitchen might be the last room you finished packing at your old house, and it is probably the first room that you want to unpack in your new home. As you unpack boxes, take note of where you’ve put all your kitchen essentials, such as utensils, cookware, and serving plates. Using sticky notes to mark the cabinets that contain your essential tools will make it easier to get in the kitchen to whip up a meal without having to search every drawer and cabinet for the items you need.

Have a Big Breakfast with the Family
If you have a small dining nook in your kitchen, it might become the site of family breakfasts, so don’t hesitate to break in the space with a big breakfast in your new kitchen. Include the whole family and let everyone take a hand in preparation, so that each member of the family will get to know the layout and intricacies of the space and get excited about the first homecooked meal in the new house.

Host a Dinner Party
Once you’ve got your bearings in the kitchen, use the space to entertain by hosting a dinner party at home. Make the event more casual and invite friends into the kitchen to enjoy small bites and cocktails while you whip up the rest of the dinner, so everyone can get a look at the space and its beautiful custom elements.

With a home designed and built by Castle & Cooke, you can add custom flair to your kitchen by selecting cabinets, flooring, fixtures, and other key details to give your common areas unique personality and function. To learn more about the homes we build in the Sierra Vista community, give us a call at (520) 378-5110.