How to Throw a Housewarming Party

Once you have officially moved into your new home, throw a housewarming party so your family and friends can see your new space. Use the following tips to put together a housewarming party that helps you celebrate your new beginning.

Find a Theme

Choosing a theme for a party helps you create a connective thread that makes it easier to choose the kind of food, decorations, and accessories that you want to include. Whether you choose a particular color scheme or an actual theme, incorporating some commonality into your party makes it much easier to plan.

Figure Out Where You Want to Center the Party

Although your guests will probably end up alternating between a few rooms during the actual party, you should pick a space that can serve as the focal point of the party. If you love your new backyard, you might want to set up some tables and chairs outside so your guests can enjoy the beauty of the weather and the landscape in Sierra Vista. If you are a huge fan of your large open kitchen, you might want to set up some buffet style meals along the countertop.

Prepare the Home

If you just moved in, your house is probably still pretty clean, but you should still make an effort to ensure that it looks its best. Set up all the furniture and accessories to your liking and spend some time cleaning and decorating each room.

Get Ready to Give Some Tours

Part of the fun of throwing a housewarming party is the ability to show off your new home. As your guests start to arrive, you should be prepared to give a few tours so you can show off each room.

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