Prepping Your Landscaping for Summer

The hot temperatures and dry weather of Arizona summers can be hard on your landscaping. Fortunately, with a little bit of preparation, you can make sure your landscaping thrives during summer. Part of getting your landscaping ready for summer starts when you’re actually planning your outdoor space. Choosing native, drought-resistant plants and incorporating xeriscape and hardscape features will help. As summer draws near, follow these steps to get your landscaping ready for the demands of the season. 

Inspect Your Irrigation System

The wrong time to find out that something is wrong with your irrigation system is in the middle of a hot, dry summer. Before temperatures soar, have your system inspected or look for problems yourself. You can spot issues by turning your system on and looking for heads that aren’t spraying properly or areas that seem to be getting too much or too little water. If you suspect there is an issue, have a professional make repairs before you need to rely heavily on your system. 

Make a Watering Plan

Another irrigation-related issue is your plan for watering. When temperatures are high and the air is dry, watering at the wrong time of the day can lead to waste. Water in the early mornings, so the water is more likely to sink into the soil rather than evaporate. If you notice water streaming off your landscaping, you may need to aerate to allow water to penetrate the soil. Don’t saturate your landscaping, which only encourages mosquitos and disease, but rather water deeply, so that the soil is wet, instead of the vegetation and gravel. You may also need to water daily, until rain comes during monsoon season. 

Add or Refresh Mulch

It is true that mulch can harbor pests, but the benefits of using it far outweigh that risk. Put mulch around the bases of trees and plants to keep the soil cooler and trap moisture inside. When it comes to trees, don’t put mulch right up against the tree, but leave a gap of a few feet. 

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