Moving Day Etiquette

Your move will probably be at the front of your mind for the months and weeks leading up to it, but you should also take some time to think about how your move might impact the lives of your current neighbors as well as your new ones. A few simple... Read More

All About the Sierra Vista Farmers Market

Living in Sierra Vista offers some great perks—including the local agricultural scene that supports the Sierra Vista Farmers Market. This community market is not only a great place to promote your healthy living, but it can also provide you with an opportunity to mingle with friends and neighbors and learn... Read More

Sierra Vista’s Best Cycling Routes

Cyclists of all ages and proficiency levels will find plenty to love about Sierra Vista, Arizona. For mountain biking and road cycling enthusiasts alike, this area is like a slice of heaven. In addition to the breathtaking mountain and desert views, Sierra Vista’s prized cycling routes offer plenty of opportunities... Read More

A New Resident’s Guide to Sierra Vista’s Annual Events

Sierra Vista, Arizona is a friendly town that knows how to have a good time. New residents are pleasantly surprised to learn that the town is host to a number of unique events each year. There’s something for everyone—from live music and fantastic food to jewelry and art fests.Art in... Read More

Foolproof Icebreakers for New Neighbors

Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, meeting the new neighbors can sometimes take a while. Of course, it’s much easier to make new friends when you move to a community that embodies the true meaning of the word “neighborly.” Start with a leisurely stroll around the block, and introduce... Read More

Coming Home to The Oaks

Imagine coming home to your own spacious home site, wooded with mature trees and set against the panoramic views of mountains. If you crave the beauty and freedom of western living, close to modern amenities in town, it’s time to come home to The Oaks. It’s one of the premier... Read More