How Open Floor Plans Became So Popular

Homes have evolved dramatically over the decades, shifting from smaller, compartmentalized spaces to large, open ones that accommodate the always busy, always on-the-go family. When homeowners choose to purchase older homes, they often plan renovations to knock down walls and expand the kitchen to fit into the open floor plan... Read More

Ways to Make the Most of Your Arizona Backyard

Arizona has no shortage of beautiful outdoor space, which is why homes are often built on large lots with plentiful backyards. What can you do to make the most of all that space and spend more time taking in the mild climate and sweeping mountain views of Southern Arizona? Keep... Read More

Exploring Holiday Activities in (and near) Cochise County

Whether it’s your first holiday season in the Sierra Vista area or you are enjoying yet another wonderful year of living in Southern Arizona, you might be in search of some family-friendly holiday events to get you geared up for the season. Fortunately, Sierra Vista, Fort Huachuca, and Bisbee all... Read More

Home Maintenance 101 for First-Time Owners

When you move in to a newly constructed home, you probably won’t be thinking much about maintenance needs, since everything is in perfect working order now. However, there are some maintenance tasks that will be important even in the first few months at your new home, and they will continue... Read More

Planning a Day of Hiking in Cochise County

The high desert landscape of Southern Arizona is unique and breathtaking with dramatic mountain peaks, one-of-a-kind native plant and wildlife, and clear blue skies almost every day of the year. It is the perfect setting for anyone who loves hiking (or wants to do more of it), and there are... Read More