Preparing for Your First Monsoon Season

Monsoon season is a favorite part of the summer for the residents of Sierra Vista because the storms bring some much-needed moisture to the desert climate and temperatures plummet into the mid-70s when storms pass through. Plus, monsoons bring dramatic lightning storms, picturesque clouds, and beautiful sunsets, so you may... Read More

Discovering Ramsey Canyon

When you picture Southern Arizona, you might have some distinctive desert imagery in mind, but there is a lot more to discover when you venture outdoors from your new Sierra Vista home. One of the most amazing places you’ll discover just a short drive from home is Ramsey Canyon, which... Read More

Unpacking Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is the heart of the household, and it’s probably the last room you packed up in your old house and will be the first room you set up in your new Sierra Vista home. That’s why you’ll want to have a game plan in place for unpacking your... Read More

Feline-Friendly Houseplants for Your New Home

As you decorate your new house, you might start to think about freshening up the environment and making it feel like home with houseplants. Of course, if you share your home with a feline companion, you might wonder which plants are safe to keep around cats. Any cat owner knows... Read More

Stargazing in Sierra Vista

When you are planning to move to the Sierra Vista area, you will find that there is always something to do, whether you prefer to be inside or outdoors. If you are the nature-loving type, you might discover a new nighttime hobby with stargazing. Arizona is famous for its clear... Read More

Moving Day Etiquette

Your move will probably be at the front of your mind for the months and weeks leading up to it, but you should also take some time to think about how your move might impact the lives of your current neighbors as well as your new ones. A few simple... Read More