Get Outside this Spring with These Sierra Vista Events

Spring has sprung, and for the residents of Sierra Vista, that means it is time to get outside after the winter chill and enjoy pleasantly warm temperatures with plenty of sunshine. There are many events across the area during the springtime that are designed to make the most of this... Read More

Gearing Up for the Sierra Vista Open

Golf lovers have a lot to be excited about in Arizona, but one of the biggest events to mark on the calendar is the Sierra Vista Open. If you have recently bought a new home in Sierra Vista and are getting used to the local community, this one event you... Read More

Top Moving Mistakes to Avoid

It’s easy for moving to feel overwhelming. There are lots of details to manage in the days before a move and on moving day, so many people end up feeling like they are forgetting something—and in some cases, they are. Fortunately, your move doesn’t have to take on a life... Read More

Spring Planting Tips for Your Sierra Vista Garden

Because of its higher elevation at 4,633 feet, Sierra Vista boasts a milder climate than other cities of Southern Arizona, like Tucson and Phoenix. While summers do still get hot, the climate sustains more lush foliage than you might expect to see in the desert. Yet the winters are still... Read More

Moving Tips for Military Families

For many military families, moving is not out of the ordinary. And some families will be packing up and settling into a new town once every few years. While moving will always be a chore, there are lots of strategies you can use to make it easier on your family... Read More

Local Coffee Shops to Explore in Sierra Vista

Sierra Vista offers the cozy feel of a small town with many of the amenities you’d enjoy in a larger city—including exceptional coffee. Whether you prefer a classic dark roast served black or elaborate coffee confections crafted by a barista, you won’t find a shortage of local coffee spots to... Read More