Planning a Day of Hiking in Cochise County

The high desert landscape of Southern Arizona is unique and breathtaking with dramatic mountain peaks, one-of-a-kind native plant and wildlife, and clear blue skies almost every day of the year. It is the perfect setting for anyone who loves hiking (or wants to do more of it), and there are... Read More

Helping Your Child Transition to a New School

Great schools are just one thing to love about living in Sierra Vista, but if you are relocating with your family and getting your child enrolled in a new school, it may take some time to transition to the new environment. Kids can have a tough time in new school... Read More
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Budget-Friendly Ways to Explore Sierra Vista

Sierra Vista is a great place to live, whether you are just starting a career, looking for a safe place to raise your children, or relocating for retirement. When you move into your new home, you might be in search of ways to get to know your new city without... Read More

Tips for Buying Furniture for a New Home

You’ve finalized your home purchase and you’re ready to move in, which means that you are finally at the fun part: decorating your new house. Your new home is a blank slate, so the design possibilities are nearly endless. You may incorporate some older furniture pieces you already own, or... Read More

What Is the Most Efficient Way to Organize a Kitchen?

Ample storage is a must for any kitchen, but even with all the storage space you need, you still want to have an organizational scheme that lets you easily access pots, pans, dishes, and cutlery as well as all the edible items you need in the kitchen. Organizing a kitchen... Read More