Ideas for Bringing Brighter Colors into Your Home

When you’re ready to start shopping for a new home, you will likely notice that many of the homes you view have a neutral color palette. This is done on purpose to enable home buyers to better visualize themselves and their possessions in the space. However, once you move into your new home, you will likely want to redo the décor so that it reflects your style and personality. Consider these strategies for bringing brighter colors into the space.

Create an accent wall.

Although you want to introduce brighter colors into your new home, you might not want every room in your living room to be bright yellow or green. The solution is to create an accent wall. An accent wall painted in a vivacious color will brighten up the whole room without overwhelming it. Another option is to use cheerful wallpaper on one accent wall, rather than painting it.

Liven up the kids’ furniture.

Kids often enjoy bright, playful colors. Consider giving their furniture new life with a little paint. First, paint the furniture white. Then, accent the drawer faces with different colors. One drawer could be pink and another could be blue, and so on. You can also paint bright colors about five inches upward on the bottoms of the legs of nightstands and desks to give them a “dipped in paint” look.

Decorate with textiles.

Textiles are an excellent way to make a space reflect your unique style because as your style preferences change, it’s easy to swap them out for new colors and patterns. Keep the upholstery in a neutral color palette, but opt for brighter colors for your throw pillows, small area rugs, and curtains.

Use unique accents.

Beyond throw pillows and area rugs, unique accents are an easy way to add more color to a space. For example, find a beautifully patterned teapot and pot a flowering houseplant in it. Set it on the table as a centerpiece or place it on an open kitchen shelf to add visual interest.

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