How to Design a Stunning Master Bedroom

Your master bedroom should be a hub of peaceful relaxation. However, when you move into a new house, it will be a blank slate for you to fill in with your own design. If you are decorating a master bedroom, here are a few tips to keep in mind to make the most of the space. 

Divide the Room with Functional Furniture 

In newer homes especially, master suites are spacious rooms, so don’t be afraid to designate different areas within the space. For example, you might use a tall, open-sided bookcase to create a small reading nook near a window that lets in great natural light. 

Make Your Bed a Focal Point

Of course, the primary purpose of your bedroom is sleep. That means that your bed is likely to be the focal point of the room. When you move in, consider upgrading your bed—a king or California king will likely be most fitting for the space. Then, let your personal style guide you with bedding and décor that fits your taste. You might install a luxurious padded headboard or create a canopy over your bed with a simple frame draped in sheer fabrics. 

Don’t Neglect Wall Décor 

While your bed may be a primary focal point for the space, you shouldn’t leave the walls bare. Hang art pieces throughout the space to bring in color and a sense of your personal design. If you aren’t into fine art, try hanging a vintage map or adding funky wallpaper along an accent wall in the room. 

Add an Area Rug 

Even if your master bedroom flooring is carpeted already, you might add an area rug positioned underneath your bed. This will create a natural divide in the room and bring in new texture and color to layer the design of the space. 

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