Home Maintenance Reminders for the New Homeowner

When your new home is built, you have many appliances and systems to learn about. This research will help you set reminders throughout the year on which tasks or items must be completed, inspected, or changed. Here is a closer look at the reminders and maintenance checks you will need to perform throughout the year:

Monthly Checks
Inspecting your HVAC filters will be one of the most important monthly checks. As you get used to your new home’s HVAC system, you may need to change out the filters more frequently than normal. Changing the filters can greatly impact your energy bill and keep your home environmentally-friendlier.

Quarterly Checks
Every three months, check the different safety detectors in your home. Your smoke and carbon dioxide detectors should have a “test” option that will briefly sound the alarm if the system is working. Check on other rarely-used areas of your home, such as a guest bathroom. Running water or flushing the toilet will prevent buildup in your pipes.

Biannual Checks
Every six months, it is important to schedule HVAC maintenance to remove dirt buildup and check any hoses and attachments. It is also important to get the whole family together to give your home a deep clean. Deep cleaning should include dusting all of the tiny nooks and crannies in your windows, appliances, and hard-to-reach areas of your home. This will keep your new home as clean as possible and prevent potential allergies or sicknesses throughout the year.

Annual Checks
Many annual checks can be scheduled by season, such as cleaning your air conditioning system in the spring. Other annual reminders might include cleaning your chimney during the fall or sealing leaky areas of the house during the winter. These maintenance checks are important to keep your home safe, energy-efficient, and in great shape year-round.

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