How to Get Involved in Your Community

If you’re new to a city or town, there are many ways to help out and make connections in your new community. Not only does volunteering help you meet your neighbors, but also it can help you shape the future of your community. Here are some easy ways to get involved and inspire others to help make your community a better place to live.


Volunteering can help you make social connections, learn to solve problems, and begin to view your new community as a whole. Every community has a range of volunteer opportunities, from working with kids to helping out at the local animal shelter. A great way to find unique opportunities in your community is by visiting a volunteer database like Volunteer Match, which offers information on more than 76,000 nonprofit organizations. You can also talk to a local non-profit near you and ask about any opportunities to help out.

Join or create a group or neighborhood association.

Even in a small community, there are many different types of people with diverse interests. You can look for a sports team, book club, or hobby group to join. You can also join or form a single parents’ support group to connect with local parents in the community. A great way to find someone with similar interests is to visit the local town community meeting, where everyone discusses problems the community is facing. You can find the date and times for these meetings by looking at your local newspaper or asking the community center. Community associations organize meetings and events like block parties, potluck meals, and musical events.

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