Foolproof Icebreakers for New Neighbors

Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, meeting the new neighbors can sometimes take a while. Of course, it’s much easier to make new friends when you move to a community that embodies the true meaning of the word “neighborly.” Start with a leisurely stroll around the block, and introduce yourself to anyone you see.


Some families like to throw a housewarming party soon after moving into a new home. You could invite your neighbors to an informal BBQ in the backyard, for instance. Remember to offer some meatless choices for any new neighbors who might be vegetarians.


Pets are the perfect icebreaker, particularly dogs. If you have a dog, go on long walks. Any pet lover you come across is practically guaranteed to stop and ask to pet your dog, and this is a good opportunity to get to know each other. Even if you don’t have a dog, others in your neighborhood probably do. Always ask if it’s alright to pet their dogs, and let the dogs sniff your hand first.


As you settle into your new neighborhood, pay attention to what other families are doing. Perhaps you notice the kids across the street wearing sports uniforms. The next time you see their mom or dad, ask about local sports teams for your own kids. Even if you don’t notice anything that might be used as an icebreaker, you could simply introduce yourself and ask about upcoming local events, or request restaurant recommendations.


You probably don’t want to earn a reputation as being standoffish, but be careful about crossing the line from friendly to invasive. It’s best to let your new neighbors know you’ll be a friendly presence through casual chitchat. However, avoid pressing the issue if your neighbors turn down an invitation or don’t seem interested in getting to know you.


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