Easy Things You Can Do to Make Moving Day Less Stressful for Kids

With your moving date approaching, you might feel a mix of excitement, anxiety, and uncertainty. And if you are feeling this way, chances are your kids have a certain level of stress and anxiety about moving as well. Moving day can be an exhausting event for the family, but it’s all worth it once you sit down for that first family dinner in your new home and imagine the possibilities ahead. Until then, here are some strategies that can help reduce stress for your kids come moving day.

Get Excited About Moving Day

Kids are receptive to their parents’ moods, so if you are feeling stressed on moving day, your children probably will feel the same way. When you’re talking about moving and packing up the house, be sure to emphasize how moving is an exciting and happy event, rather than focusing on the less positive aspects like starting at a new school.

Hire Professional Movers

A great way to keep stress down for everyone is by hiring professional movers. You can rest assured that your belongings will get to your new home in one piece, and then you will free up energy to focus on the family.

Set Up a Play Space in the New House

On the first day in the new house when movers may be in and out with your boxes and furniture, set up a space where kids can be away from the action and spend time doing activities they enjoy. If you have a spacious new backyard, consider setting up some outdoor games for your kids. Otherwise, a television and game console can go a long way in keeping older kids entertained and happy. If you have younger children, consider having a friend or family member watch the kids while you worry about moving day details.

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