Decorating Your New Home with Inspiration from Modern Trends

Modern interior decorating incorporates a surprising number of classic features into the home, but each with a new twist to bring them into the current era. Mixed textures and styles are an increasing sight in modern interiors, and the following decorating trends are helping to pull scattered looks together with sophisticated style. As you settle into your new Sierra Vista home, consider these trends for your space.

Dark, Rich Wall Colors

There is always a word of caution with dark paint colors, because they can make rooms feel small and cramped. However, with lots of natural light and brighter details, dark colors can create warmth in living rooms and bedrooms. Deep shades of purple, gray, and blue are all being featured as primary paint colors—just remember to use a darkly shaded primer to retain the richness of the hues you choose.

A Touch of Velvet

Velvet offers a classic elegance, and it’s available in more colors than ever before, so it can easily fit into any modern home. Velvet couches are in right now, but if you want to keep this feature muted, consider a velvet ottoman or throw pillows. These details add depth and richness to your space, and you cannot beat the soft texture velvet offers.

Vintage Lighting

If you want to make a room stand out, vintage lighting fixtures can be the perfect addition. When you move into your new home, you might trade out some stock lighting fixtures with hanging copper lamps or add accent lighting with floor and table lamps featuring vintage shades.

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