Choosing Paint Colors for Your New Home

One of the most exciting parts of moving into a new home is picking the paint colors you want on the walls. Of course, when you actually start selecting your colors, you realize just how many options are out there, which may make the process a little more daunting than you were expecting. Before you get bogged down in trying to choose between eight different shades of white, consider this advice to help you narrow down your selections and get the right colors for your rooms. 

Start with Your Furniture

Even if you are moving into a brand new custom build home, you’re likely bringing furniture you already own with you. Make that furniture the starting point for your paint selections. Which colors could work with your existing décor, and which ones definitely don’t? Answering this question will help you establish a basic color palette. Remember, even though the paint store may have thousands of shades, there are still only seven primary colors. If you know that some shades of blue may work with your furniture but anything red or green is definitely out, you can make the selection process more manageable. 

Consider the Mood of the Rooms

Colors all have moods, so knowing what you want a space to feel like can guide you to the right color selection. In bathrooms and bedrooms, where you may want to relax, consider cooler colors, like light blues or sage greens. In social rooms, like living rooms, yellow or coral colors bring warmth and energy. Red is another energetic color that is also said to boost appetite, so it is popular in dining rooms. 

Learn About Types of White

One thing that surprises many people looking at paint colors is just how many shades of white there are. These shades of white come down to the undertones. Some have cool, blue, green, and gray undertones, while others have warm red, pink, and yellow undertones. Cool whites open up small spaces and feel calming, while warm whites bring warmth and coziness. Consider the use of the space and how much natural light it gets when choosing white paint colors. 

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