Prepping Your Landscaping for Summer

The hot temperatures and dry weather of Arizona summers can be hard on your landscaping. Fortunately, with a little bit of preparation, you can make sure your landscaping thrives during summer. Part of getting your landscaping ready for summer starts when you’re actually planning your outdoor space. Choosing native, drought-resistant... Read More

Planning a Stress-Free Moving Day

Whether you’ve chosen a move-in ready home or a custom build house, you must get through moving day in order to enjoy your new home. Moving has a reputation for being a stressful activity, but it doesn’t have to be. With a little pre-planning, you can ensure that your day... Read More

Favorite Hiking Spots Near Sierra Vista

One of the advantages of living in Sierra Vista is that there are seemingly endless ways to explore and experience the outdoors. With a landscape that is packed with an incredible variety of scenery and wildlife, you’ll find yourself discovering something new virtually every time you get outdoors. One of... Read More

Choosing Paint Colors for Your New Home

One of the most exciting parts of moving into a new home is picking the paint colors you want on the walls. Of course, when you actually start selecting your colors, you realize just how many options are out there, which may make the process a little more daunting than... Read More

What to Consider When Setting Up Your New Home Office

Whether you work at home all the time or just need a place to catch up on things occasionally, how you set up your home office can have a major impact on your productivity. When you move into a new home, you get a blank canvas for your home office.... Read More

Top 5 Perks of Moving to Arizona

Arizona is one of the most rapidly growing states in the country, and for anyone who has spent time there, it’s not hard to understand the attraction. From dramatic landscapes to thriving cities, the so-called Valley of the Sun has something for everyone. Add in new housing communities that combine... Read More