Green Building Construction Commitment

Our Commitment to Savings, Comfort, and a Healthy Environment

Castle & Cooke is committed to environmentally sound building practices and products in our new construction in Sierra Vista. When purchasing a new home, there are several benefits to choosing an Energy Efficient house for your family, budget and the environment. Our houses for sale in Sierra Vista exceed local building code standards and provide an energy efficient solution, creating a more comfortable living environment.

Choosing an energy efficient new home in Sierra Vista results in lower utility bills. Our new homes use less energy for heating, cooling, and water heating by using engineer designed systems. This provides an energy savings of approximately 20% on your utility bills each year, which is easier on your budget.

A new home in Sierra Vista from Castle & Cooke is designed for enhanced performance, as well as improved energy efficiency. Our homes ensure comfort with consistent temperatures from room to room, improved indoor air quality, and durability. Our new homes feature better water protection, windows that are designed to reduce the transfer of harmful UV rays and heat, and better equipment for enhanced performance and efficiency.

In addition to saving money and providing comfort, our new construction in Sierra Vista is better for the environment. Most home energy is generated by power plants that burn fossil fuels. Because our homes consume less energy, they generate less pollution. Environmentally aware home buyers interested in green building options prefer energy efficient new homes.

Our standard building practices put your wallet and your comfort foremost while saving the environment. To learn more about why a newly constructed home is better than an older home, please contact one of our sales consultants.